Everlight opens automotive LED factory in Taiwan

Everlight's new factory in Taiwan

LED company Everlight Electronics has opened a factory in Taiwan for making automotive components.

The company has a portfolio of automotive products for interior or exterior applications. To meet quality demands for automotive products and increase production capacities, the establishment of the Miaoli Tongluo factory came from an investment of more than US$300m.

The money was spent constructing a smart, ergonomic factory for the production of automotive components.

Everlight LEDs suit exterior automotive applications

Everlight 3030CLU-UY PC-amber LED

Everlight Electronics has introduced four ceramic high reflective packaged, high-power automotive LEDs with a golden lead frame. The LEDs are white, PC-amber, red and super red, according to their preferred exterior applications.

The 3030CLU-NP (white) has a cool colour temperature of 5180-6680K, which makes is suitable for daylight running lights (DRLs).

Version 3030CLU-UY (PC-amber) is recommended for turn indicators and tail lights. For brake lamps and rear combination lamps, there are red and super red options.

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