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Analog Devices can create engine noise for electric vehicles

Analog Devices DSP creates engine sounds for electric vehicles

Analog Devices has introduced an embedded system for generating engine sound for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

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Anoop Gangadharan

Guest blog: Getting the measure of electric vehicles

Anoop Gangadharan from Yokogawa discusses the measurement challenges of electric vehicles

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Toshiba TLX9309 analogue output IC photocoupler

Toshiba analogue output photocoupler targets EVs

An analogue output IC photocoupler from Toshiba Electronics enables high-speed communications in automotive applications, especially electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

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Trials have begun on roads in Coventry, UK

Connected car tests prepare UK roads for autonomous vehicles

A project to create an advanced environment for connected and autonomous driving has entered its second phase of testing, with connected cars going on trial on public roads to prepare the UK’s road networks for self-driving cars.

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Brian Krzanich

Saving lives was drive behind Mobileye purchase, says Intel chief

It was all about saving lives, according to Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich, explaining why he led the $15.3bn takeover of Mobileye. He said that a year ago he recognised that Intel's end-to-end platform for autonomous driving wasn't complete.

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Visic evaluation board for GaN transistors

Visic raises $10m for GaN development

Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor firm Visic Technologies has closed $10m in a series D round of financing lead by a private investor. Its technology is primarily used in electric vehicles.

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Mouser-sponsored Dragon car

Mouser Electronics flies Dragon into Zurich

Motor racing returns to Switzerland this weekend on Sunday 10 June 2018 after a 64-year absence, and the Mouser Electronics-sponsored Dragon team is gearing up to take the chequered flag.

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Jalal Bouhdada

Guest blog: Security threats to smart cars

Jalal Bouhdada from Applied Risk explains why physical and cyber security vulnerabilities threaten the future of the increasingly smart car

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Real-time weather data should help Chevrolet improve race performance

IBM helps Chevrolet with real-time weather data

Chevrolet Racing is working with IBM subsidiary the Weather Company to add weather technology to the toolbox it provides to race teams so they can understand how they perform under specific weather conditions and make critical decisions on the track in real time.

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