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Issue 55 – July 2018

Among the stories in the July 2018 issue are:

  • VW, Bosch, Continental, NVidia and Aquantia tackle in-vehicle networks
  • Sprint blockchain secures connected cars
  • Mercedes opts for Automotive Grade Linux for vans
  • Renesas R-Car virtualisation
  • Automechanika Birmingham report
  • Smart Transportation & Mobility conference report
  • ISO 26262 using approved software
  • Siemens PLM Automotive Symposium report
  • How connected cars are improving vehicle safety

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Vehicle Electronics July 2018 cover

Issue 54 – June 2018

Among the stories in the June 2018 issue are:

  • Intel, Google and Volvo debut Android for infotainment
  • OnSemi acquires SensL for lidar
  • ACM picks Siemens software
  • Hyundai invests in meta-material radar
  • Maxwell and Geely partnership
  • Autosar updates Adaptive platform
  • Infineon R&D centre in Dresden
  • London Motor Show report
  • Managing power for infotainment
  • Standards and tests for autonomous driving
  • Way forward for neural networks

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Vehicle Electronics June 2018 cover

Issue 53 – May 2018

Among the stories in the May 2018 issue are:

  • BMW picks solid-state lidar for autonomous projects
  • MEN to merge with Duagon
  • Ahola and Scania test platooning
  • Siemens combines Tass and Mentor technologies
  • Perforce Software acquires PRQA
  • Infineon forms joint venture in China
  • Lesson from Uber tragedy
  • Can bus reverse engineering method
  • Harman at Geneva Motor Show
  • Continental protects against hackers
  • Smart to Future Cities conference report

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Vehicle Electronics May 2018 cover

Issue 52 – April 2018

Among the stories in the April 2018 issue are:

  • Public backs autonomous tests despite Uber tragedy
  • Blackberry adds security to Jaguar Land Rover
  • Denso increases stake in Renesas
  • Vodafone connects Lamborghini
  • Continental remote tyre monitoring
  • Embedded World report
  • Lucid Motors uses multi-physics simulation
  • Role of humans in adas development
  • Growth in electric vehicles
  • Helping car makers meet ecall regulations

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Vehicle Electronics April 2018 cover

Issue 51 – March 2018

Among the stories in the March 2018 issue are:

  • Continental and NVidia bring AI to vehicles
  • Flying cars to land at Geneva Motor Show
  • Denso invests in MaaS start-up
  • X-Fab sites meet IATF-16949
  • Audi and OnSemi push innovation
  • Consumers shun connected cars
  • BMW and Daimler go for Here
  • Rohm's European power laboratory
  • Options for V2X wireless technology
  • Driver assistance in Kia 2019 Forte
  • Switching converters for adas

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Vehicle Electronics March 2018 cover

Issue 50 – February 2018

Among the stories in the February 2018 issue are:

  • Continental, Qualcomm and others plan Japan C-V2X trials
  • Blackberry Naias cyber-security launch
  • Delphi invests in Sigma capacitors
  • Cisco and Hyundai Ethernet partnership
  • Autosport report
  • Consumer Electronics Show report
  • GPUs and the car of the future
  • Telematics cut maintenance costs
  • Maintaining power for ecall
  • Daimler uses Siemens simulation to improve durability

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Vehicle Electronics February 2018 cover

Issue 49 – January 2018

Among the stories in the January 2018 issue are:

  • Intel and Warner Bros in-cabin experience
  • Green Hills and Renesas partner at CES
  • LG and Here join forces on telematics
  • Denso and Symbio design centre
  • Autosar Adaptive platform changes
  • Mentor IESF Automotive report
  • Power needs for vehicle tracking
  • Technology innovation trends
  • Renault vision for autonomous cars
  • Magnetic sensor market

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Vehicle Electronics January 2018 cover

Issue 48 – December 2017

Among the stories in the December 2017 issue are:

  • Continental and Osram form lighting venture
  • Volvo makes self-driving cars for Uber
  • Telefónica and Seat collaborate on mobility
  • Luxembourg University helps Intel with security
  • AI protects Renault racing team
  • Delphi completes NuTonomy acquisition
  • Synopsys and CEA SoC simulation lab
  • Monitoring power consumprion
  • Bosch advances motorcycle technology
  • Portable test instruments bring versatility

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Vehicle Electronics December 2017 cover

Issue 47 – November 2017

Among the stories in the November 2017 issue are:

  • Arm and Denso join in automated driving
  • Renesas partners Codeplay
  • Nextchip licenses Ceva for vision
  • Radiant helps Molex with USB modules
  • AT&T, Ford, Nokia and Qualcomm in C-V2X trials
  • Delphi acquire NuTonomy
  • NXP to set up China R&D centre
  • VDI ELIV congress report from Bonn
  • Designing with optimising compiler
  • Challenges for multicore technology
  • Connected car developments

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Vehicle Electronics November 2017 cover

Issue 46 – October 2017

Among the stories in the October 2017 issue are:

  • Ford gets Lyft in self-driving cars
  • Blackberry to power Delphi
  • TÜV tackles cyber security
  • Toyota advances research platform
  • Panasonic starts mirror making
  • Dragon talks to A8 drivers
  • Autosens report from Brussels
  • Audi Aicon concept car
  • Autonomous farm vehicle
  • Driver assistance in Ford Mustang

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Vehicle Electronics cover October 2017


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