Jalal Bouhdada

Guest blog: Security threats to smart cars

Jalal Bouhdada from Applied Risk explains why physical and cyber security vulnerabilities threaten the future of the increasingly smart car

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Applied Risk, cyber security, data privacy

Farzad Henareh

Connected cars and premium recalls on the rise

Farzad Henareh, VP of commercial and business development at Stericycle Expert Solutions, explains how the car industry is coping with non-automotive players entering from the digital arena.

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Stericycle Expert Solutions, connected cars, recalls


Uber tragedy must not end autonomous vision

Steve Rogerson comments on the death of a pedestrian in the USA after being hit by a Uber car in autonomous mode

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Uber, autonomous vehicles

Walter Rothmund

Guest blog: Sensors present huge opportunity

In a guest blog, Walter Rothmund from Osram Opto Semiconductors looks at how more reliable sensor technology will increase the speed to market for semi-autonomous vehicles, and provide a more comfortable and safe journey for drivers

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Osram, sensors, autonomous vehicles

Autosar logo

Autosar: Keeping pace with change

The second release of the Autosar Adaptive platform came out in October 2017. Steve Rogerson looks at how the architecture is preparing itself for highly automated driving.

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Autosar, autonomous driving

Richard Bellairs

Guest blog: Government security guidelines take necessary step

In a guest blog, Richard Bellairs from PRQA welcomes UK government guidelines on automotive cyber security

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PRQA, cyber security, autonomous vehicles

Capturing a car's data

Guest blog: Connected cars and keyless entry

In a guest blog, Andy Allan, owner of automotive locksmith Cat Autokeys, discusses connected cars looking at keyless entry theft, how it works and whether it is worth worrying about

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Cat Autokeys, security, connected cars

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, head of new projects at Sense Media Group

Guest blog: Women in automotive – where are they?

In a guest blog, Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, head of new projects at Sense Media Group, discusses gender imbalance in the automotive industry

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Kirk Gutmann, senior vice president at Siemens PLM Software

Guest blog: Agile design in the automotive industry

In a guest blog, Kirk Gutmann, senior vice president at Siemens PLM Software, offers advice on tackling the increased complexity of vehicles

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Siemens PLM Software, design

Robert Schuessler, vice president of Bright Box in Europe

Guest blog: Benefits from autonomous driving for dealerships

In a guest blog, Robert Schuessler, vice president of Bright Box in Europe, looks at who will benefit from autonomous vehicles.

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Bright Box, autonomous vehicles


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