Toyota Safety Sense can help detect cyclists

Toyota Safety Sense installations top ten million

More than ten million vehicles worldwide are using Toyota’s Safety Sense active safety technologies just three and a half years after their introduction in 2015.

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Toyota, safety, adas

Battle of the dashboards: Volvo V60 Cross Country

Who will win the battle of the dashboards?

More than half of automotive companies believe they can win the battle for the dashboards against the tech giants all alone. And yet 46% still expect a more than 16% boost in revenues in the next two years from adding partner ecosystems.

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BearingPoint, market research

Etsi connected tractor on show this week

Etsi connected tractor warns other road users of its presence

Standards body Etsi exhibited its first tractor connected wirelessly to a car at its Sophia Antipolis headquarters this week. The tractor sends a warning to road vehicles using a communications protocol standardised by Etsi.

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Etsi, standards, Sensivov, tractors, connected cars

Wind River helps TTTech Auto develop connected car software

Wind River provides VxWorks for TTTech autonomous driving software

Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system is powering the latest versions of MotionWise, TTTech Auto’s safety-software platform for autonomous driving applications.

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Wind River, TTTech Auto, rtos, adas

Microsoft and Volkswagen are to provide automotive cloud services

VW and Microsoft collaborate on cloud services

Volkswagen and Microsoft will collaborate to develop an automotive cloud, planned to be one of the largest dedicated automotive industry clouds for all future Volkswagen digital services and mobility offerings.

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Volkswagen, Microsoft, cloud

Robosense lidar system can detect objects

Robosense develops lidar at fraction of cost

Robosense has developed intelligent perception lidar, a hardware and software algorithm for the mass production of safer autonomous cars. The RS-IPLS uses real-time data pre-processing and a gaze function similar to human eyes.


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Robosense, lidar, autonomous driving

Brexit could harm autonomous vehicle research

Brexit could harm driverless car research, warns IRU

The International Road Transport Union (IRU), which represents the interests of bus, coach, taxi and lorry operators in more than 100 countries, has said that a no-deal Brexit could harm future innovation and the UK’s driverless car future.

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Brexit, autonomous vehicles, IRU, OpenText

Trials have begun on roads in Coventry, UK

Connected car tests prepare UK roads for autonomous vehicles

A project to create an advanced environment for connected and autonomous driving has entered its second phase of testing, with connected cars going on trial on public roads to prepare the UK’s road networks for self-driving cars.

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UK Cite, autonomous vehicles, Horiba Mira, Jaguar Land Rover, WMG

Brian Krzanich

Saving lives was drive behind Mobileye purchase, says Intel chief

It was all about saving lives, according to Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich, explaining why he led the $15.3bn takeover of Mobileye. He said that a year ago he recognised that Intel's end-to-end platform for autonomous driving wasn't complete.

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Intel, Mobileye, autonomous vehicles, SoCs

Visic evaluation board for GaN transistors

Visic raises $10m for GaN development

Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor firm Visic Technologies has closed $10m in a series D round of financing lead by a private investor. Its technology is primarily used in electric vehicles.

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Visic Technologies, GaN, power electronics, electric vehicles


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