Toshiba TCB702FNG four-channel linear power amplifier

Toshiba power amp suits car audio

Toshiba Electronics has launched a four-channel high-efficiency linear power amplifier for in-vehicle audio applications.

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Toshiba, amplifier, audio

Renesas R-Car E3 SoC for high-end 3D graphics instrument clusters

Renesas scales SoCs for high-end instrument clusters

Renesas has extended the scalable range of its system-on-chip (SoC) devices with the R-Car E3 to realise high-end 3D graphics on 31.5cm 1920 by 720 pixel displays used for automotive instrument clusters.

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Renesas, SoCs, instrument clusters

Infineon TLE9104SH four-channel low-side switch

Infineon switches help reduce emissions

Infineon Technologies has launched the latest member of its Flex multichannel low-side switches family that will help reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions in automotive powertrain applications.

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Infineon, Switches, emissions

Melexis IMC technology for sensors

Melexis to demonstrate integrated magnetic concentrator technology at Electronica

At next month’s Electronica in Munich, Melexis will be showing how its integrated magnetic concentrator (IMC) technology can deliver tangible benefits to designers using its Latch & Switch product range, especially in demanding automotive applications.

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Melexis, Electronica, sensors

C&K KSC PF switch

Potting-friendly C&K switch resists water ingress

A switch from C&K has been designed to be potting friendly for the automotive and medical industries. The KSC PF switch is said to be compact yet resilient to water ingress.

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Switches, C&K

Analog Devices can create engine noise for electric vehicles

Analog Devices DSP creates engine sounds for electric vehicles

Analog Devices has introduced an embedded system for generating engine sound for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

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Analog Devices, DSP, electric vehicles

Toshiba TLX9309 analogue output IC photocoupler

Toshiba analogue output photocoupler targets EVs

An analogue output IC photocoupler from Toshiba Electronics enables high-speed communications in automotive applications, especially electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

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Toshiba, photocoupler, components

Vishay thyristors and diodes meet AEC-Q101

Vishay thyristors and diodes meet AEC-Q101

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced 37 high-voltage thyristors and diodes for automotive applications. Qualified to AEC-Q101, the devices have repetitive voltages from 600 to 1600V and wide current ranges in three package options.

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Vishay, thyristors, diodes, components

Littelfuse Nano2 885 fuse

Littelfuse surface-mount fuses protect electric vehicles

Littelfuse has introduced a series of surface-mount fuses with interrupting current ratings up to 1.5kA that are optimised for use in high-voltage automotive applications up to 350V AC or 450-500V DC.

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Littelfuse, fuses, electric vehicles

TDK soft-termination multilayer ceramic capacitors

TDK soft-termination MLCCs have low ESR

TDK has developed what it claims is the industry’s first soft-termination multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) with low ESR. The CN devices have terminal electrodes with a conductive resin layer that provides high mechanical robustness to protect against board flexure.

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TDK, MLCCs, capacitors


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