Frankfurt Motor Show

Autonomous trends at Frankfurt Motor Show

Ian Fletcher, principal analyst at IHS Markit, looks at the trends in electrification and autonomy technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which starts this week

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Frankfurt Motor Show, IHS Markit

A gigabit Ethernet POF transceiver meets the requirements of car makers by providing high connectivity with flexible digital host interface, low latency, low jitter and low linking time

Vehicle Networks: Optical versus copper

Carlos Pardo from KDPOF puts forward the benefits of plastic optical fibre over copper

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KDPOF, plastic optical fibre, copper, vehicle networks

Man-in-the-middle attack using network simulator

Safety & Security: Closing the door

Francois Ortolan from Anritsu explores automotive cyber security threats

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Anritsu, safety, security

Man has teamed up with logistics company DB Schenker for platooning

Wireless: Platoon network

Mark Patrick from Mouser Electronics looks at what platooning means for autonomous lorries

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Mouser Electronics, platooning, autonmous vehicles, Scania, Man

The automated vehicle world is similar to that of robotics, with a stronger consciousness of the need for high levels of safety and reliability at every level of the value chain

Autonomous Vehicles: Moving on up

Roberto Ponticelli from Horiba Mira explains the challenges with increasing levels of autonomy and highlights how engineers are working to overcome these issues

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Horiba Mira, autonomous vehicles

48V ideal diode with reverse input protection

Power Technologies: Jump stakes

Meilissa Lum from Linear Technology, now part of Analog Devices, explains how a low quiescent current diode controller with reverse input protection can be used for automotive power applications

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Linear technology. Analog Devices, power components

The next generation of autonomous vehicles will require powerful vehicle domain controllers

Connected Cars: In control

Chris Barlow from Lynx Software technologies describes a practical platform for safe and secure self-driving cars

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Lynx, connected cars, autonomous vehicles

Greg Delagi (left) and Sameer Wasson from Texas Instruments

Sensors: Making waves

Steve Rogerson talks with Texas Instruments about how its cmos mm-wave sensors could be a key component in the trend towards autonomous driving

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Texas Instruments, sensors, mm-wave, cmos

Communications test platforms can be used for numerous radio technologies

Test & Measurement: Squashing the blues

Dieter Mahnken and Ute Philipp from Rohde & Schwarz explain how effective RF and audio testing of Bluetooth components can be done with just one instrument

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Rohde & Schwarz, RF testing, audio testing, Bluetooth

Efficiency graph for typical automotive and commercial vehicle

Power Technologies: In balance

Jeff Gruetter from Linear Technology discusses how a power IC can increase safety and performance while reducing emissions

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Linear Technology, Analog Devices, power components


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