CFD shows that inverter temperature distribution is even across different IGBTs

Simulation & Modelling: Ahead of the pack

How Lucid Motors used multi-physics simulation to design its luxury-class electric vehicle

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Lucid Motors, Ansys, simulation

From the possibility of hundreds of test matrices, these could be reduced to just 30 by prequalifying many on a DIL simulator first

Simulation & Modelling: Digital domain

Phil Morse from Ansible Motion explains why humans will still have a significant role to play in the development of autonomous and adas technologies

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Ansible Motion, simulation, driver in the loop

EV charging station in Georgia, USA

Electric Vehicles: In pursuit of efficiency

Anoop Gangadharan from Yokogawa looks at how the drive for energy efficiency is fuelling the growth in electric vehicle use

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Yokogawa, electric vehicles, energy efficiency

John Ronco: “You need patience in automotive.”

Helping design safer vehicles

Steve Rogerson talks with Arm’s John Ronco about the company’s automotive plans

Arm is finding itself engaging with car makers more than it is ever done so, according to John Ronco, who is general manager of the company’s embedded and automotive line.

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Stefan Steyerl: “It is going to be exciting.”

How Analog Devices sees the future following last year’s Linear Technology takeover

Steve Rogerson talks with Stefan Steyerl from Analog Devices

Over a year has passed since Analog Devices took over Linear Technology and, whereas last year the two companies had separate stands at Embedded World, this year it was a merged offering on a single stand.

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Analog Devices, Linear Technology

Jim McElroy: “We brought the C++ coding standard into our tool suite.”

LDRA tries to steer steady course between Autosar and Misra

Steve Rogerson talks with Jim McElroy from LDRA

While a row simmers under the surface between Autosar and Misra when it comes to C++ coding standards, LDRA has updated its tool suite in a way that will let users pick and choose between the two.

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LDRA, Autosar, Misra

Typical V2V conventional terrestrial channel model

Wireless: Safe driving

Houman Zarrinkoub from Mathworks compares the options for V2X wireless technology

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Mathworks, wireless, V2X, connected cars

Schematic delivering 5V at 4A and 3.3V at 4A outputs, at 2MHz

Driver Assistance: Protecting adas

Tony Armstrong from Analog Devices discusses why automotive adas need low EMI and EMC emission switching converters

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Analog Devices, Power by Linear, adas, driver assistance

The test benches use the latest technologies

Power technologies: Lab work

Steve Rogerson visits Rohm Semiconductor’s recently opened European Power Lab

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Rohm Semiconductor, Power technologies, Formula E

Geotab Go is a compact plug-and-play telematics device that attaches to a vehicle

Telematics: Delivering success

Courier company CMS has reduced maintenance costs by updating its fleet management system

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telematics, Geotab, CMS


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