Arrow fires in Formula Student teams

Germany's Greenteam car

In Europe, Arrow Electronics is working with universities that are participating in Formula Student, a global automotive engineering competition. Some 3500 students across Europe participate in the programme each year, producing more than 100 custom vehicles.

Arrow sponsors Formula-E Race Car Projects in Norway and Germany.

Arrow in Norway is partnering with Revolve NTNU, which is representing the Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU). In Germany, Arrow’s Stuttgart office is part of Greenteam.

The NTNU’s Revolve initiative started in 2010 with the mission of moving engineering students from theory to practice. Greenteam in Germany has a similar focus.

This year’s Formula-E electric race cars were finished in May, and 2017 Formula Student races took place at the end of June. Awards are given for achievements ranging from design to speed to project management and beyond.

In addition to participating in an advisory capacity, Arrow is donating cash and components, and has encouraged some of its suppliers to join these efforts. The most important outcome is not necessarily the vehicles themselves, but what students learn during the eight months it takes them to build them.

“These students are the engineers of tomorrow, and they are the most highly recruited candidates for tech jobs after graduation,” said Christian Brusdal, general manager of Arrow in Norway. “We sincerely hope that when they start looking to enter the workforce that some of these talented young engineers will consider careers in the electronics industry and continue to work with Arrow, either as an employee or a customer.”

Arrow’s Sam Car project is helping quadriplegic race car driver Sam Schmidt enjoy racing again despite his physical disabilities. For having direct influence on a person’s life and showing the power of driverless technology, the Sam Car was awarded the 2016 Best Car Innovation by Business Insider magazine.

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