Everlight opens automotive LED factory in Taiwan

Everlight's new factory in Taiwan

LED company Everlight Electronics has opened a factory in Taiwan for making automotive components.

The company has a portfolio of automotive products for interior or exterior applications. To meet quality demands for automotive products and increase production capacities, the establishment of the Miaoli Tongluo factory came from an investment of more than US$300m.

The money was spent constructing a smart, ergonomic factory for the production of automotive components.

Everlight started to expand its automotive activities in 2014. Today, the company owns a portfolio of automotive products for interior and exterior vehicle applications.

All products are sulphur-resistant and passed the corrosive gases test for H2S, SO2, CL2 and NO2. Thus the caveats against LED products that failed the sulphur-resistance test, in terms of brightness, colour coordinates, voltage and function failure can be effectively reduced.

Starting in 2015, a hefty amount of money was invested in the construction of the factory, which is said to excel with a conception of human factor engineering and automation that clearly divides warehousing and production.

This concept takes care of the connection routes between upstairs and downstairs at the same time.

RFID was introduced to aid process control. All products will be engraved with a laser code before die bonding for tracking the in-process and post-process status. 

Everlight has more than 33 years of experience in the LED packaging industry and more than ten years of experience in the automotive LED segment. Its product line has been built up in recent years.

Everlight Electronics was founded in 1983 in Taipei. Led by chairman Robert Yeh, it has taken a top five slot in the competitive LED market.

Today, Everlight is a global company with more than 6400 employees based in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Germany and the USA.



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