Murata inductor suits power-over-coax applications

Murata LQW32FT inductor

Murata has introduced a power line inductor for automotive high-speed power-over-coax PoC interface applications.

The LQW32FT inductor is said to maintain stable operation, save on PCB space and reduce component count and weight.

PoC is increasingly used with serialiser and deserialiser (serdes) equipment in automotive applications to reduce weight by deploying a single coax cable to transfer power and image data to and from an on-board camera.

In previous PoC implementations, several large and small impedance inductors were needed to handle the broadband signal at the circuit processor and to maintain high impedance over a wide bandwidth to separate the signal and power.

This device allows a single inductor to replace the multiple components that were previously necessary. This supports efforts to save space and reduce the overall size of a system, and to lower the total DC resistance.

With good saturation characteristics, the inductor provides high impedance over a target frequency bandwidth range of 4MHz to 1GHz. The inductance value is 47µH in a 3.2 by 2.5mm surface mount package. Environmental temperature range capability is -55 to +125˚C, making it suitable for automotive circuits.

The series will be expanded to support further high-speed signal transmission applications as needed. Mass production has started.

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