Software Tools: New way of working

Adaptive Autosar is solving automotive problems

Anders Kallerdahl, automotive software expert at KPIT Technologies, looks at the advantages of using Adaptive Autosar

LDRA tries to steer steady course between Autosar and Misra

Jim McElroy: “We brought the C++ coding standard into our tool suite.”

Steve Rogerson talks with Jim McElroy from LDRA

While a row simmers under the surface between Autosar and Misra when it comes to C++ coding standards, LDRA has updated its tool suite in a way that will let users pick and choose between the two.

Autosar: Keeping pace with change

Autosar logo

The second release of the Autosar Adaptive platform came out in October 2017. Steve Rogerson looks at how the architecture is preparing itself for highly automated driving.

DSpace pushes on Autosar and HIL

Dariusz Cieslar, an applications consultant at DSpace

Hardware-in-the-loop testing can drastically reduce development costs because it can do away with the use of a demonstration vehicle, explained Dariusz Cieslar, an applications consultant at DSpace, at November’s Advanced Engineering Show in Birmingham, UK.

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