Power Technologies: Balancing facts

High efficiency, bidirectional, multi-cell active balancer

Tony Armstrong, marketing director of power products at Analog Devices, and Sam Nork, director of the company’s Boston design centre, explain how to increase the run time in automotive battery stacks even as cells age

Power Technologies: Emergency power

Lithium iron phosphate charging profile

Theju Bernard, principal applications engineer for Renesas Electronics, explains how to improve automobile battery life with the right chemistry

Power technologies: Balancing act

Top of stack voltage is not divided evenly across the batteries in the stack

Aspiyan Gazder from Linear Technology describes a method for keeping lead-acid batteries balanced


Power Technologies: Fluid approach

Managing heat in batteries is a focus for the cooling industry right now

A cool way to manage batteries in electric and hybrid cars is explored by Alexej Dens from 3M


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