connected cars

Infotainment: Joining the dots

There is a wide range of content available for infotainment systems

Robert Guest, vice president for product management at Access Europe, journeys on the road to in-vehicle infotainment

Etsi connected tractor warns other road users of its presence

Etsi connected tractor on show this week

Standards body Etsi exhibited its first tractor connected wirelessly to a car at its Sophia Antipolis headquarters this week. The tractor sends a warning to road vehicles using a communications protocol standardised by Etsi.

Motorists are warned at a distance of 1km to avoid the collisions that frequently occur at day and night.

Guest blog: Connected cars and life after Brexit

Neil McBride
Neil McBride from De Montfort University’s Centre for Computing & Social Responsibility in the UK discusses connected cars and the future of Europe

Wireless: Safe driving

Typical V2V conventional terrestrial channel model

Houman Zarrinkoub from Mathworks compares the options for V2X wireless technology

Connected cars and premium recalls on the rise

Farzad Henareh

Farzad Henareh, VP of commercial and business development at Stericycle Expert Solutions, explains how the car industry is coping with non-automotive players entering from the digital arena.

Connected cars: Bridge to the future

Metrocab in London

Tom Blackie, head of automotive at Real VNC, discusses how technology will influence the future vehicle, its role and its management

Connected Cars: In control

The next generation of autonomous vehicles will require powerful vehicle domain controllers

Chris Barlow from Lynx Software technologies describes a practical platform for safe and secure self-driving cars

Guest blog: Connected cars and keyless entry

Capturing a car's data

In a guest blog, Andy Allan, owner of automotive locksmith Cat Autokeys, discusses connected cars looking at keyless entry theft, how it works and whether it is worth worrying about

Seat chief sees future cars as smartphones on wheels

Seat predicts stronger links between mobile phones and vehicles

Cars will increasingly become an extension of the mobile phone, enabling permanent, safe connection, according to Seat’s chief digital officer Fabian Simmer, speaking ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“Promoting sustainable mobility and anticipating driver needs are two future challenges,” he said. “Car sharing and shared use fleets are models of collaborative economy that will become trends in the field of mobility.”


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