Infotainment: Eyes off the road

In-car smartphone use takes up most vehicle safety headlines, but other interfaces could be just as dangerous

Chris Bush, head of experience design at UX agency Sigma, considers whether overly complex design is making cars a safety risk

Design & Modelling: All change

Manufacturing Technology Centre near Coventry, UK

Siemens is bringing together the elements of vehicle design, as Steve Rogerson found out at the company’s PLM Automotive Symposium at the Manufacturing Technology Centre near Coventry, UK, in June

Mercedes and The Foundry partner on customer interface design

Mercedes-Benz and The Foundry bring Hollywood into the vehicle

Mercedes-Benz and The Foundry have unveiled Mercedes’ next-generation customer interface concept. Codenamed Project Dash, it connects a true UI or UX designer’s tool directly to the in-car experience.

What the designer works with in the creative process in the design studio is identical to what the customer ends up experiencing. In addition to this seamless delivery in real time, it lets engineering teams focus on performance and accessibility.

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