Infineon switches help reduce emissions

Infineon TLE9104SH four-channel low-side switch

Infineon Technologies has launched the latest member of its Flex multichannel low-side switches family that will help reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions in automotive powertrain applications.

The TLE9104SH is a smart four-channel low-side switch for currents up to 5A DC in 12V systems. This allows controlling actuators such as high-precision port fuel injectors, high-energy valves or high-current relays in engine management, transmission control and battery management systems.

Volkswagen announces action plan to clean up emissions mess

Volkswagen is trying to clean up its image

Volkswagen has announced an action plan to start to clean up the mess of the scandal where software was used to cheat emissions testing. The car maker has said that it will refit diesel vehicles with EA 189 EU5 engines.

New vehicles with EU6 engines currently available are not affected. Technical solutions to the problem are being developed, said a VW statement, and will be presented to responsible authorities before the end of October.

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