Infineon switches help reduce emissions

Infineon TLE9104SH four-channel low-side switch

Infineon Technologies has launched the latest member of its Flex multichannel low-side switches family that will help reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions in automotive powertrain applications.

The TLE9104SH is a smart four-channel low-side switch for currents up to 5A DC in 12V systems. This allows controlling actuators such as high-precision port fuel injectors, high-energy valves or high-current relays in engine management, transmission control and battery management systems.

Infineon to present Can FD transceivers at Electronica

Infineon TLE925x Can FD transceivers

At next week’s Electronica show in Munich, Infineon will be presenting its TLE925x Can FD transceivers that are said to make data exchange up to 30 times faster than today.

Around 60 electronic control units communicate with each other in vehicles today via the Can bus. The need for in-vehicle communications is growing as the amount of networking increases and more comfort and automation are implemented.

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