VW and Microsoft collaborate on cloud services

Microsoft and Volkswagen are to provide automotive cloud services

Volkswagen and Microsoft will collaborate to develop an automotive cloud, planned to be one of the largest dedicated automotive industry clouds for all future Volkswagen digital services and mobility offerings.

The supervisory board of Volkswagen approved the agreement between Volkswagen and Microsoft yesterday.

With Microsoft as its strategic partner, VW says it is taking a decisive step in its digital transformation into a mobility provider with a fully connected vehicle fleet and the Volkswagen We digital ecosystem.

Volvo adds Skype for Business to 90 Series

Volvo adds Skype for Business to 90 Series

Volvo Cars has become the first car maker to add Skype for Business, Microsoft's collaborative productivity app, to its vehicles. The tool is being rolled out on the latest 90 Series cars.

Microsoft and Volvo bring voice control to cars

Microsoft and Volvo let drivers talk to their cars

More than 33 years after the popular TV show Knight Rider showed David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff talking to his car, Kitt, Volvo and Microsoft are launching a wearable-enabled voice-control system.

Volvo owners will be able to talk to their car via their Microsoft Band 2, allowing them to instruct their vehicle to perform tasks including setting the navigation, starting the heater, locking the doors, flashing the lights or sounding the horn via Volvo’s mobile app, Volvo on Call, and the connected wearable device.

Microsoft and Volvo combine forces on holographic technology

Demonstration of the Volvo and Microsoft holographic technology

Volvo Cars and Microsoft are working together to develop next generation automotive technologies. The two companies revealed how Microsoft HoloLens, an untethered holographic computer, might be used to redefine how customers first encounter and explore a car, as well as how cars might be bought and sold.

Areas of collaboration between the two companies could include autonomous driving technologies and the use of data generated from connected cars to create new services.

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