Doorway to the future

Mentor IESF Automotive

Steve Rogerson reports from September’s Mentor IESF Automotive conference in Michigan

Design & Modelling: All change

Manufacturing Technology Centre near Coventry, UK

Siemens is bringing together the elements of vehicle design, as Steve Rogerson found out at the company’s PLM Automotive Symposium at the Manufacturing Technology Centre near Coventry, UK, in June

Design Tools: Competitive advantage

Visual representations of various design data can help engineers quickly see the impact of changes they are making

Glenn Reynholds from Mentor Graphics looks at ways to support innovation for electrical system design and harness manufactures

Mentor provides roadmap to level five autonomous driving

Andrew Patterson, Mentor's director of automotive business development

Mentor hopes to help tier ones and car makers met their autonomous driving goals with a platform that captures, fuses and uses raw data in real time from a wide range of sensors.

The company, which was known as Mentor Graphics until its recent takeover by Siemens but is now called just Mentor, has been working on the DRS360 platform for two years.

Siemens acquires Mentor Graphics for $4.5bn

Siemens is buying Mentor Graphics

Siemens is buying Mentor Graphics for $4.5bn. Mentor Graphics produces design automation software for ICs and SoCs as well as automotive electronics.

This will let Siemens offer mechanical, thermal, electrical, electronic and embedded software design capabilities on a single integrated platform

"Siemens is acquiring Mentor as part of its Vision 2020 concept to be the benchmark for the new industrial age," said Joe Kaeser, president and CEO of Siemens. “It's a perfect portfolio fit to further expand our digital leadership and set the pace in the industry.”

Red Bull technical chief praises Siemens PLM software

Al Peasland, head of technical partnerships at Red Bull Racing

In a speech at this week’s Engineering Design Show, Al Peasland, head of technical partnerships at Red Bull Racing, explained how PLM software helped with the logistics of running a Formula One team


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