The Nissan Leaf uses Renesas technology for automated parking

Renesas helps Nissan Leaf with automated parking

The new Nissan Leaf, which debuted this week, uses the Renesas R-Car system-on-chip for car infotainment and adas as well as its RH850 automotive control MCU for the ProPilot Park, a full-fledged automated-parking system.

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Cenex-LCV logo

Cenex-LCV: Data platform to power transport innovation

At today’s Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event in the UK, the Transport Systems Catapult (TCS) has launched a first-of-its-kind data facility that will enable access and analysis of various data sources to help address challenges in transport.

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Cypress Truck Lines is using SmartDrive to improve driver safety

Case study: Cypress Truck Lines improves driver safety with video programme

A look at how a Florida-based flatbed carrier is benefitting from the SmartDrive dual-camera video system.


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Autonomous insurance rates, according to IHS Markit

Consumers do not like autonomous vehicle technology but will pay more for it, says IHS

Autonomous vehicle technology is not yet popular among a broad audience, according to analysts at IHS Markit. But, ironically, the same audience ranked it among the very features they would be willing to pay the most for in their next new vehicle purchase.

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Capturing a car's data

Guest blog: Connected cars and keyless entry

In a guest blog, Andy Allan, owner of automotive locksmith Cat Autokeys, discusses connected cars looking at keyless entry theft, how it works and whether it is worth worrying about

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Marvell Gigabit Ethernet switch for automotive

Marvell switch secures automotive Gigabit Ethernet

Marvell has announced a secure automotive Gigabit Ethernet switch, enabling safe data transmission in connected vehicles.

The automotive Ethernet switch is designed to prevent malicious attacks or compromises to the data streamed in and out of the vehicle.

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Rohde & Schwarz FSW signal and spectrum analyser

Rohde & Schwarz expands signal analyser for automotive R&D

Rohde & Schwarz is expanding the internal analysis bandwidth of its FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyser up to 2GHz by introducing the FSW-B2001 option. This lets R&D users investigate wideband signals in detail without the need for an external digitiser.

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Allegro Microsystems Hall-effect switch ICs

Allegro two-wire Hall-effect ICs follow ISO 26262

Allegro Microsystems has released a family of two-wire vertical Hall-effect switch ICs with advanced diagnostics. The A1130, A1131 and A1132 have been developed in accordance with ISO 26262.

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Germany's Greenteam car

Arrow fires in Formula Student teams

In Europe, Arrow Electronics is working with universities that are participating in Formula Student, a global automotive engineering competition. Some 3500 students across Europe participate in the programme each year, producing more than 100 custom vehicles.

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AutoSens returns to Brussels

AutoSens in Brussels reveals full agenda

The full agenda for September’s AutoSens conference in Brussels has been revealed. Vehicle Electronics is a media partner of the event, which will be held from 19 to 21 September 2017 at AutoWorld.

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