The IDDC from ZF is suitable for vehicle concepts such as the Rinspeed Snap

ZF dynamic chassis provides platform for autonomous driving

ZF has developed the IDDC intelligent dynamic driving chassis, an autonomous driving platform that it hopes will enable automated and emission-free mobility in the future.

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Nexperia in-vehicle network protection diodes

Nexperia ups spec on in-vehicle network diodes

Nexperia, the former standard products division of NXP, has announced in-vehicle network protection diodes that offer a higher surge current, better ESD robustness and an improvement in ESD clamping performance.

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ISO 26262 adds to Lattice’s IEC 61508 certification

Lattice software receives ISO 26262 certification

Lattice Semiconductor has announced ISO 26262 qualification of its Diamond 2.1 software for road vehicle functional safety. The certification defines a safety compliant methodology for automotive applications throughout the lifecycle of automotive electronics and integrated safety systems.

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Panasonic high vibration acceleration-resistant, conductive-polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors

Panasonic capacitor is 6.3mm diameter and handles 30G vibration acceleration

Panasonic has commercialised an automotive, high vibration acceleration-resistant, conductive-polymer hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitor.

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Murata LQW32FT inductor

Murata inductor suits power-over-coax applications

Murata has introduced a power line inductor for automotive high-speed power-over-coax PoC interface applications.

The LQW32FT inductor is said to maintain stable operation, save on PCB space and reduce component count and weight.

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Autonomous vehicle trial in Coventry

Coventry moves autonomous vehicle trials to public roads

The UK’s largest trial of connected and autonomous vehicle technology has moved onto public roads, with the Autodrive project starting in-city trials on the streets of central Coventry.

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Qualcomm is helping Mercedes with race-day communications

Qualcomm helps Mercedes F1 speed communications

Qualcomm and the Mercedes Formula One team have extended their long-standing partnership in developing and testing high-speed wireless communications, as well as the wireless transfer of power for Formula One.

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Argus will become part of Continental's Elektrobit subsidiary

Continental acquires cyber-security company Argus

To strengthen its capabilities in automotive cyber security, Continental has acquired Israeli company Argus Cyber Security. It will become part of Elektrobit, Continental’s stand-alone software company.

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Onsemi 2.6Mpixel AR0233 cmos image sensor

Onsemi cmos platform aims to improve image quality

On Semiconductor has announced a cmos image sensor platform to improve performance and image quality in automotive applications such as adas, mirror replacement, rear and surround view systems, and autonomous driving.

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Nissan autonomous driving test in Tokyo

Nissan tests autonomous driving on Tokyo roads

Nissan has demonstrated a prototype of its autonomous driving technology, planned for real-world use from 2020, on public roads in Tokyo.

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