IBM helps Chevrolet with real-time weather data

Real-time weather data should help Chevrolet improve race performance

Chevrolet Racing is working with IBM subsidiary the Weather Company to add weather technology to the toolbox it provides to race teams so they can understand how they perform under specific weather conditions and make critical decisions on the track in real time.

As an outdoor sport, every aspect of racing – from track conditions to car performance – can be impacted by weather, so every decision made by each race team based on the forecast can affect the final outcome.

In collaboration with Cognitive Combustion, a motorsports technology company specialising in cloud-based software and analytics applications, Chevrolet Racing will integrate critical weather insights from the Weather Company seamlessly into its race software applications.

The weather application provides the team with the intelligence it needs to predict race weather conditions, including rain start and stop times and real-time weather conditions for each lap, informing race day strategy.

Additionally, the real-time data will be correlated to a vast quantity of historical weather data, allowing Chevrolet to provide its teams with a notebook of lap-by-lap data under specific weather conditions.

"With both track conditions and car performance always changing due to shifting weather conditions, access to precise and accurate real-time data and analysis will be critical to developing a winning race strategy," said Pat Suhy, Chevrolet group manager for Nascar programmes. "We are excited to work with the Weather Company on this effort. As a brand that is driven by ingenuity, Chevrolet is always challenging the status quo and this collaboration will keep our team ahead of the pack."

Starting with the season opening events in Nascar, IMSA and IndyCar in 2018, Chevrolet Racing has begun to use weather data and insights from the Weather Company, which provides data and insights to more than 3500 businesses around the world and serves millions consumers each day though the Weather Channel brand.

"Weather happens in real time and in the world of motorsports critical strategy decisions need to be made on the fly in a high pressure, high speed environment," said Bill Dow, head of media and entertainment at the Weather Company. "Now, Chevrolet will have access to the Weather Company's expansive data platform used by businesses around the world, not only to optimise operations, but to help drivers optimise performance and give them the edge they need against their competitors."


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