IBM helps Chevrolet with real-time weather data

Real-time weather data should help Chevrolet improve race performance

Chevrolet Racing is working with IBM subsidiary the Weather Company to add weather technology to the toolbox it provides to race teams so they can understand how they perform under specific weather conditions and make critical decisions on the track in real time.

As an outdoor sport, every aspect of racing – from track conditions to car performance – can be impacted by weather, so every decision made by each race team based on the forecast can affect the final outcome.

BMW and IBM collaborate on IoT in vehicles

BMW outside IBM's Munich headquarters

IBM and BMW are working together to explore the role of Watson cognitive computing in personalising the driving experience and creating more intuitive driver support systems for cars of the future.

As part of the agreement, the BMW Group will collocate a team of researchers and engineers at IBM’s global headquarters for Watson IoT in Munich, Germany, and the companies will work together to explore how to improve intelligent assistant functions for BMW cars.

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