Toshiba power amp suits car audio

Toshiba TCB702FNG four-channel linear power amplifier

Toshiba Electronics has launched a four-channel high-efficiency linear power amplifier for in-vehicle audio applications.

The TCB702FNG can be used as a power amplifier or line output amplifier, delivering a maximum output power of 45W into a 4Ω load. High fidelity output is achieved through a total harmonic distortion (THD) of 0.02% with output noise levels as low as 60μVrms.

The amplifier is housed in a 36-pin hssop and is pin-compatible with the company’s TCB701FNG high efficiency 50W linear power amplifier, offering flexibility to designers.

Sony brings hi-res audio to Magic Bus

The Magic Bus with Sony hi-res audio

Sony Electronics has entered an exclusive cross-promotion agreement with Whitledge Designs, which combines Sony's latest hi-res audio digital media player and the award-winning demonstration vehicle, the Magic Bus.

The endeavour – which was unveiled during a special symposium at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles – is designed to bring studio-quality hi-res audio to music enthusiasts everywhere.

Four amplifiers suit aftermarket automotive audio products

Four digital-input, closed-loop I2S amplifiers for mid-power stereo audio applications including TVs, soundbars, portable docking stations, Bluetooth speakers and aftermarket automotive audio products have been introduced by Texas Instruments.

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