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Brexit could harm driverless car research, warns IRU

Brexit could harm autonomous vehicle research

The International Road Transport Union (IRU), which represents the interests of bus, coach, taxi and lorry operators in more than 100 countries, has said that a no-deal Brexit could harm future innovation and the UK’s driverless car future.

UK transport secretary Chris Grayling’s pledge to bring driverless cars to British roads by 2021 could be thwarted by a no-deal Brexit, according to the IRU.

“Autonomous vehicles will make roads safer, but are people ready? It’s certainly not going to happen overnight,” said Marc Billiet, senior advisor at IRU.

Connected car tests prepare UK roads for autonomous vehicles

Trials have begun on roads in Coventry, UK

A project to create an advanced environment for connected and autonomous driving has entered its second phase of testing, with connected cars going on trial on public roads to prepare the UK’s road networks for self-driving cars.

The second phase of the UK Cite (Connected Intelligent Transport Environment) consortium will see Jaguar Land Rover trial a range of intelligent connected features such as emergency electronic brake light warning, emergency vehicle warning and in-vehicle signage for road works and traffic condition warning.

Saving lives was drive behind Mobileye purchase, says Intel chief

Brian Krzanich

It was all about saving lives, according to Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich, explaining why he led the $15.3bn takeover of Mobileye. He said that a year ago he recognised that Intel's end-to-end platform for autonomous driving wasn't complete.

“Large gaps existed,” he said. “We couldn't create the amazing experiences we wanted to and, more important, we weren't able to complete the vision for saving lives.”

Uber tragedy must not end autonomous vision


Steve Rogerson comments on the death of a pedestrian in the USA after being hit by a Uber car in autonomous mode

The news that a self-driving Uber car has killed a pedestrian in Arizona has shaken up the quest for autonomous vehicles with many advocating that this experiment be put on hold until the technology advances.

There have been calls to slow down the push until the technology has matured. Uber itself has suspended its self-driving tests, understandably, until it fully investigates the incident.

Autonomous Vehicles: Hop to it

Audi already has the A8, the first level three car

Max Odendahl, CEO and co-founder of Silexica, discusses key multicore and technology challenges faced with autonomous vehicles and talks about how the industry can catch-up with the media hype through automation

Autonomous Vehicles: Field work

Autonomous tractor concept from Case IH

Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, research director for IDTechEx, considers the evolution and the long-term impact of autonomous mobility in farm vehicles

Guest blog: Sensors present huge opportunity

Walter Rothmund

In a guest blog, Walter Rothmund from Osram Opto Semiconductors looks at how more reliable sensor technology will increase the speed to market for semi-autonomous vehicles, and provide a more comfortable and safe journey for drivers

Autonomous Vehicles: Pastures new

Autonomous tractor developed by Harper Adams University

William Barne from Lycetts looks at how drones and autonomous vehicles are changing the world of farming

Coventry moves autonomous vehicle trials to public roads

Autonomous vehicle trial in Coventry

The UK’s largest trial of connected and autonomous vehicle technology has moved onto public roads, with the Autodrive project starting in-city trials on the streets of central Coventry.

Project partners Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Tata Motors European Technical Centre (TMETC) have begun to trial collaboratively a number of connected car features in the city, with Jaguar Land Rover and TMETC also separately trialling their autonomous vehicle research technologies.


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