functional safety

Safety & Security: Making sense

System-based fault detection time versus sensor-based fault detection time

Giri Venkat, who is responsible for image sensor technical marketing at On Semiconductor. evaluates functional safety in automotive image sensors

Functional Safety: What’s around?

ISO 26262 processes and requirements

Joe Wlad from Verocel and David Barnett and Bob Leigh from Real-Time Innovations (RTI) discuss ISO 26262 compliance using approved software components for road vehicles

Lattice software receives ISO 26262 certification

ISO 26262 adds to Lattice’s IEC 61508 certification

Lattice Semiconductor has announced ISO 26262 qualification of its Diamond 2.1 software for road vehicle functional safety. The certification defines a safety compliant methodology for automotive applications throughout the lifecycle of automotive electronics and integrated safety systems.

This ISO 26262 qualification complements Lattice’s existing IEC 61508 functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems qualification. Both are certified by TÜV Rheinland in Germany, a testing, inspection and certification service.

Functional Safety: No hiding place

Levels of driving automation and resultant increases in complexity

Kerry Johnson and Chris Hobbs from Blackberry QNX discuss replication techniques for finding errors in safety-critical automotive systems

Functional safety 101

Standards for functional safety of silicon IP

Andrew Hopkins from Arm provides an overview of functional safety and its growing importance in the design of automotive electronics

Functional Safety: Making a stand

Code coverage analysis measures the completeness of existing tests

In the light of the ISO 26262 functional safety standard, William McCaffrey from Vector Software discusses building an automotive test stand for software


Functional Safety: Flying lessons

Tool that provides a compliance framework to capture all planning documents, assets and artefacts produced during the development and verification portions of the life cycle

Harnessing the experience of avionics development can yield significant productivity gains in developing automotive systems, says Mark Richardson from LDRA


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