Infotainment: Right track

Start-stop application schematic operating at 2.1MHz

Bruce Haug, product marketing engineer for Analog Devices, explains how to power infotainment devices in automotive start-stop systems

Infotainment: Joining the dots

There is a wide range of content available for infotainment systems

Robert Guest, vice president for product management at Access Europe, journeys on the road to in-vehicle infotainment

Infotainment: Eyes off the road

In-car smartphone use takes up most vehicle safety headlines, but other interfaces could be just as dangerous

Chris Bush, head of experience design at UX agency Sigma, considers whether overly complex design is making cars a safety risk

Infotainment: Fast track

Example of how an existing infotainment system based on a coaxial physical layer ring can be expanded with the addition of a daisy chain

Carmelo De Mola from Microchip Technology presents a cost efficient, robust and scalable physical layer for high-speed networked infotainment systems supporting different network topologies

Infotainment: We are not alone

Automotive infotainment systems not only entertain, they also inform

Jatinder Singh from Lattice Semiconductor looks at how FPGAs can enable mobile interface bridging in adas and infotainment applications

Bosch and Ultrahaptics demonstrate haptic technology at CES

Bosch and Ultrahaptics demonstrate mid-air haptic technology

At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Bosch and Ultrahaptics jointly demonstrated mid-air haptic technology in a concept car.

The touchless haptic technology is said to enhance gesture control, providing a human–machine interface for Bosch’s infotainment system. It offers drivers the reassurance that their hands are in the right area for a gesture to be recognised and an immediate haptic response to an instruction.

Infotainment: No need to touch

Haptic technology can provide tactile feedback for touchless gesture control

David Owen from Ultrahaptics discusses next-generation interfaces in automotive infotainment systems, looking to a future of touchless gesture control with haptic feedback

Infotainment: Only the right noise

Simplified three-output 4, 3 and 1A block diagram

Nathan Hanagami, Steve Knoth and Marty Merchant from Linear Technology discuss ways to suppress noise and withstand voltage excursions in automotive infotainment systems



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