instrument clusters

Renesas scales SoCs for high-end instrument clusters

Renesas R-Car E3 SoC for high-end 3D graphics instrument clusters

Renesas has extended the scalable range of its system-on-chip (SoC) devices with the R-Car E3 to realise high-end 3D graphics on 31.5cm 1920 by 720 pixel displays used for automotive instrument clusters.

Combining smooth 3D rendering capabilities with integrated audio DSP and other peripheral functions, the single-chip SoC supports instrument clusters as well as in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) with display audio and other capabilities.

Renesas targets R-Car SoC at 3D instrument clusters

Renesas R-Car D1 SoC

The R-Car D1 series from Renesas is the first SoC in the R-Car family specialised for 3D instrument clusters. The aim is for the series to provide a smooth migration path for automotive manufacturers as more automotive systems are expected to shift to 3D graphics instrument clusters in the near future.

Three processors suit automotive instrument clusters

Three intelligent display processors for automotive instrument clusters have been introduced by Toshiba Electronics. For TFT LCD sizes from typically 7.6 to 20.3cm , the Capricorn-Bt0, Capricorn-Bt1 and Capricorn-C0 use the Arm Cortex-R4 core.

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