NXP inspires student teams

Winning vehicles at Dutch embassy in London

NXP is celebrating two university projects in the Netherlands that have seen its chips help create ground-breaking vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicle: Humans versus computers


Davide Santo from NXP traces the road towards autonomous vehicles

With OEMs and governments throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into the development of autonomous technology, driverless vehicles are on the way to becoming a reality, and will be arriving soon.

Daf Trucks and NXP demonstrate platooning in Munich ahead of Electronica

Daf Trucks demonstrates platooning in Munich

Daf Trucks, NXP Semiconductors, Siemens and others are demonstrating platooning live on Munich roads ahead of next week’s Electronica exhibition.

The demonstrations include platooning, traffic signal and vehicle synchronisation, and technology that protects vulnerable road users based on secure V2X.

NXP makes triple launch at Detroit forum

Delegates at the NXP FTF Connects event in Detroit

At this week’s NXP Future Technology Forum Connects in Detroit, the Dutch company launched three products targeting the automotive market – the first members of its latest i.MX series of applications processors, the NJJ29C0 low frequency transceiver and an expansion of its automotive motor control microcontrollers.

The first members of its latest i.MX series of applications processors are three devices designed to redefine the secure, automotive e-cockpit.

V2X Communications: Safety First

Various tools connected cars already have at their disposal

Thomas Hinz from NXP looks at how V2X can make driving safer and more efficient and create eco-friendly roads, but also make vehicles vulnerable to cyber attacks


NXP puts weight behind automotive Ethernet with transceivers and switches


NXP Semiconductors has announced a portfolio of automotive Ethernet products building on BroadR-Reach, an automotive standard defined by the Open Alliance industry group. The aim is to make consumer-level Ethernet capable of meeting the automotive industry’s stringent requirements.

Connected Cars: Don’t reinvent the wheel

Could the same technology that keeps ATMs secure be used in connected cars

Lars Reger from NXP says data security lessons can be learned from the banking industry to protect the connected driver



AMS acquires cmos sensor business from NXP

Peter Gasteiner, senior vice president for AMS

To pave the way for its takeover of Freescale, NXP has sold its cmos sensor business to AMS, formerly Austria Microsystems. The range includes devices that can be used in automotive to monitor and control air quality.

NXP buys Freescale for $11.8bn

NXP buys Freescale

NXP Semiconductors is buying Freescale Semiconductor for about US$11.8bn to create what should be the market leader in automotive semiconductors and the market leader in general purpose microcontroller products.


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