Renesas scales SoCs for high-end instrument clusters

Renesas R-Car E3 SoC for high-end 3D graphics instrument clusters

Renesas has extended the scalable range of its system-on-chip (SoC) devices with the R-Car E3 to realise high-end 3D graphics on 31.5cm 1920 by 720 pixel displays used for automotive instrument clusters.

Combining smooth 3D rendering capabilities with integrated audio DSP and other peripheral functions, the single-chip SoC supports instrument clusters as well as in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) with display audio and other capabilities.

Renesas helps Nissan Leaf with automated parking

The Nissan Leaf uses Renesas technology for automated parking

The new Nissan Leaf, which debuted this week, uses the Renesas R-Car system-on-chip for car infotainment and adas as well as its RH850 automotive control MCU for the ProPilot Park, a full-fledged automated-parking system.

The parking facility recognises spaces adequate for parking, verifies that there are no obstacles in the way, and handles the role of issuing control commands for acceleration, braking, steering and gear changing.

Renesas unveils development platform for adas and automated driving

Renesas R-Car V3M image recognition SoC

At its global developers conference this week in Japan, Renesas Electronics demonstrated Autonomy, an adas and automated driving platform. As the first rollout under the platform, the company released the R-Car V3M image recognition SoC optimised for use in smart camera applications, as well as surround view systems or lidar.

The SoC complies with the ISO 26262 functional safety standard, delivers low-power hardware acceleration for vision processing, and is equipped with a built-in image signal processor, freeing up board space and reducing manufacturing costs.

Embedded World to feature student racing car competition

Student-designed model racing car

The third Renesas MCU Car Rally competition will take place on student day at next month’s Embedded World in Nuremberg. To participate, students must develop a functioning toy racing car based on electronic components and software from Renesas.

The competition attracts students from universities all over Europe.

ISSCC: Renesas circuit to reduce CO2 emissions

Outline of the MCU with proposed circuit

At this week’s International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, Renesas Electronics presented a paper describing the development of a circuit technology dedicated for motor control that could satisfy stricter automotive CO2 emissions requirements.

Renesas radar MCU suits adas and autonomous vehicle applications

Renesas  RH850/V1R automotive radar MCU

Renesas Electronics has announced an RH850-based, 32bit, automotive radar microcontroller for use in future adas and autonomous driving vehicles.

The RH850/V1R includes a digital signal processor and high-speed serial interfaces, and is designed for middle- to long-range radars.

Software and tools including evaluation boards will also become available to enable system developers to start their development immediately.

Renesas buys Intersil for $3.2bn

Renesas buys Intersil

After weeks of speculation, Renesas has announced that it is buying Intersil for $3.2bn; both companies have portfolios in the automotive space.

Japanese electronics giant Renesas, which was recently knocked off its top slot as a semiconductor vendor in the automotive industry following NXP’s takeover of Freescale and Infineon’s acquisition in International Rectifier, will see this as away to start clawing back its position.

Renesas development environment for cruise control in autonomous cars

Renesas RH850 multicore model-based development environment

Renesas Electronics has announced an RH850 multicore model-based development environment. Tentatively named Embedded Target for RH850 Multicore, it is development software for the company’s RH850 multicore microcontrollers designed to simplify the implementation of complex cruise control for autonomous driving.

Green Hills adapts Integrity for Renesas R-Car H3

Green Hills has released Integrity rtos and Multivisor virtualisation software for Renesas R-Car H3

Green Hills Software has released its Integrity rtos and Multivisor virtualisation software for the Renesas’ R-Car H3 system-on-chip (SoC), the first member of the third-generation R-Car automotive computing platform.

Green Hills Software delivered the embedded industry’s first 64bit secure virtualisation software last year, a platform that was partially developed with the capabilities of the R-Car H3 in mind.

Rightware and Renesas collaborate on SoC demo

Rightware digital instrument cluster with adas demo for Renesas R-Car H3

Rightware, a provider of user interface software for the automotive industry, is collaborating with Renesas Electronics on a demonstration showcasing the capabilities of the R-Car H3 SoC and Rightware Kanzi.

The demo presents a high-fidelity configurable digital cluster with infotainment and adas features and showcases the graphics capabilities of the H3 SoC and Imagination Technologies' PowerVR GX6650 graphics processing unit (GPU).


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