AB Dynamics uses Formula One tech in vehicle driving simulator

AB Dynamics aVDS simulator

A vehicle driving simulator developed by AB Dynamics will be unveiled at Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart on 20 June 2017.

The company claims the simulator will significantly reduce development time and cost. It uses a motion platform and motion control techniques designed by Williams in its Formula One operations. Immersive digital content is provided by software supplier RFPro.

The aVDS simulator reduces latency and increases frequency response to allow more test, development and calibration tasks to be completed without a prototype vehicle.

RFPro and Concurrent demo adas development at JSAE Expo

RFPro and Concurrent demo at JSAE Expo

Visitors at this week’s JSAE Expo in Yokohama, Japan, have been able to test adas technologies in a virtual environment with traffic in real time thanks to software from RFPro. The company demonstrated its technology, which is said to reduce the time and cost of adas development, on Concurrent Nippon’s stand at the show.

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