Safety & Security: Making sense

System-based fault detection time versus sensor-based fault detection time

Giri Venkat, who is responsible for image sensor technical marketing at On Semiconductor. evaluates functional safety in automotive image sensors

Sensors: Uber lessons

Images from a video feed watching a TV monitor showing the clip released by the police. The overlaid graphics show an adas system response. The green and white bounding boxes are outputs from the bicycle and pedestrian detection modules. The horizontal graph shows the boundary between the roadway and physical obstacles, known as free-space.

Amnon Shashua, chief technology officer of Mobileye, looks at sensors and other adas technology in the wake of the tragic Uber autonomous driving accident

Continental uses cameras and sensors to warn of aquaplaning

Cameras recognise a specific splash and spray pattern of the tyres that can be aquaplaning in its early phase

Continental is developing ways to warn drivers about an imminent risk of aquaplaning. The aquaplaning assistance concepts use surround view camera images and signals from tyre-mounted sensors.

The holistic concept can give the driver time to prevent the front wheels of the vehicle from floating, while warning other vehicles to be prepared for a critical situation.

Allegro 2D latch ICs have vertical and planar Hall elements

Allegro Microsystems APS12625 and APS12626 sensor ICs

Allegro Microsystems has released a family of two-dimensional (2D) Hall-Effect latch ICs that have vertical and planar Hall elements.

The APS12625 and APS12626 sensor ICs help reduce system size and cost along with increasing performance and flexibility due to 2D sensing. They were developed in accordance with ISO 26262 and qualified per AEC-Q100.

Guest blog: Sensors present huge opportunity

Walter Rothmund

In a guest blog, Walter Rothmund from Osram Opto Semiconductors looks at how more reliable sensor technology will increase the speed to market for semi-autonomous vehicles, and provide a more comfortable and safe journey for drivers

Sensors: Making waves

Greg Delagi (left) and Sameer Wasson from Texas Instruments

Steve Rogerson talks with Texas Instruments about how its cmos mm-wave sensors could be a key component in the trend towards autonomous driving

Allegro two-wire Hall-effect ICs follow ISO 26262

Allegro Microsystems Hall-effect switch ICs

Allegro Microsystems has released a family of two-wire vertical Hall-effect switch ICs with advanced diagnostics. The A1130, A1131 and A1132 have been developed in accordance with ISO 26262.

These devices have integrated continuous diagnostic features and a safe output state that supports a functional safety level of Asil B. They have a two-wire current output interface that facilitates open and short diagnosis along with signal path verification from input to output.

AutoSens in Brussels reveals full agenda

AutoSens returns to Brussels

The full agenda for September’s AutoSens conference in Brussels has been revealed. Vehicle Electronics is a media partner of the event, which will be held from 19 to 21 September 2017 at AutoWorld.

The third in its series of events, AutoSens is expected to attract more than 400 technical experts and engineers, from disciplines such as cameras, lidar, radar, image processing, computer vision, in-car networking, testing and validation, certification, and standards.

Microcontrollers: At the core

Core independent peripherals can be used to interconnect blocks to build a smart serial communications controller such as a PSI5-capable system

Stefan Kouba from Microchip explains how to deliver innovative automotive sensor concepts with core independent peripherals


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