Toshiba power amp suits car audio

Toshiba TCB702FNG four-channel linear power amplifier

Toshiba Electronics has launched a four-channel high-efficiency linear power amplifier for in-vehicle audio applications.

The TCB702FNG can be used as a power amplifier or line output amplifier, delivering a maximum output power of 45W into a 4Ω load. High fidelity output is achieved through a total harmonic distortion (THD) of 0.02% with output noise levels as low as 60μVrms.

The amplifier is housed in a 36-pin hssop and is pin-compatible with the company’s TCB701FNG high efficiency 50W linear power amplifier, offering flexibility to designers.

Toshiba analogue output photocoupler targets EVs

Toshiba TLX9309 analogue output IC photocoupler

An analogue output IC photocoupler from Toshiba Electronics enables high-speed communications in automotive applications, especially electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

The TLX9309 consists of a high-output GaAlAs LED that is optically coupled to a high-speed detector. The detector consists of a photodiode and a transistor integrated on one chip. A Faraday shield has been integrated onto the photodetector chip to provide enhanced levels of common-mode transient immunity, typically up to 15kV/μs, an important parameter in electrically noisy automotive environments.

Toshiba expands embedded flash memory range

Toshiba Jedec e∙MMCTM v5.1 compliant embedded NAND flash memory

Toshiba has launched Jedec e∙MMCTM version 5.1 compliant embedded NAND flash memory products supporting AEC-Q100 grade two requirements. The line-up offers densities of 8, 16, 32 and 64Gbyte.

Sample shipments have started with mass production scheduled for April to June 2017.

The new products integrate NAND chips fabricated with 15nm process technology with a controller to manage basic control functions for NAND applications in a single package.

Toshiba n-channel mosfets manage power in automotive applications

Toshiba n-channel mosfets for load switching

Toshiba Electronics has announced two compact, n-channel mosfets for load switching in automotive applications.

The 60V SSM3K341R and the 100V SSM3K361R deliver low on-resistance and are qualified to AEC-Q101. As a result, they are suitable for power management, including DC-DC converter or load switch applications, which are of increasing importance for electronic systems in vehicles.

Toshiba dual picture video processor suits high resolution displays

Toshiba TC90195XBG dual picture video processor

Toshiba Electronics has announced a dual picture video processor for high-resolution automotive displays. The TC90195XBG provides support for navigation, entertainment and driver support systems that are increasingly found in cars.

With increased demand for larger panels with higher resolutions, the video processor supports 1920 x 720 at 60 frames per second (fps) and 1920 x 1080 at 30fps panels, improving on previous processors that only supported up to WVGA resolution.

Toshiba expands automotive mosfet range

Toshiba TK1R4S04PB mosfet

Toshiba Electronics has expanded its family of UMos 9 mosfets with a 40V n-channel device housed in a DPak+ package. The TK1R4S04PB has achieved AEC-Q101 qualification and is for automotive motor control applications such as water pumps, fuel pumps, oil pumps, fans, EPS and DC-DC converters.

Driver IC for throttle control

Toshiba TB9051FTG driver IC for DC brushed motors

A small-sized motor driver IC for DC brushed motors is primarily targeted at vehicle engine applications, such as electronic throttle and valve control.

Camera chip supports high-resolution connectivity

TC358791XBG automotive companion chip from Toshiba

An automotive companion chip has been created by Toshiba to drive high-resolution multimedia (audio and video) and camera connectivity for next-generation infotainment applications in the connected car.

First samples for automotive camera sensor

TCM5126GBA cmos image sensor from Toshiba

Toshiba has started sample shipments of a VGA, 0.64cm cmos image sensor for automotive view cameras. The TCM5126GBA integrates a high dynamic range function that reproduces high quality images of objects backlit by the sun and vehicle headlights.

Device synchronisation could be driver for TransferJet

Armin Derpmanns: “It could be used for synchronising content in automotive.”

Toshiba Electronics sees device synchronisation in vehicles as a key application for its TransferJet wireless communications technology.

The 375Mbit/s technology has been designed to be easy to use with no connection set up and configuration needed.


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