Capturing a car's data

Guest blog: Connected cars and keyless entry

In a guest blog, Andy Allan, owner of automotive locksmith Cat Autokeys, discusses connected cars looking at keyless entry theft, how it works and whether it is worth worrying about

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Cat Autokeys, security, connected cars

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, head of new projects at Sense Media Group

Guest blog: Women in automotive – where are they?

In a guest blog, Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, head of new projects at Sense Media Group, discusses gender imbalance in the automotive industry

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Kirk Gutmann, senior vice president at Siemens PLM Software

Guest blog: Agile design in the automotive industry

In a guest blog, Kirk Gutmann, senior vice president at Siemens PLM Software, offers advice on tackling the increased complexity of vehicles

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Siemens PLM Software, design

Robert Schuessler, vice president of Bright Box in Europe

Guest blog: Benefits from autonomous driving for dealerships

In a guest blog, Robert Schuessler, vice president of Bright Box in Europe, looks at who will benefit from autonomous vehicles.

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Bright Box, autonomous vehicles

Reading a tablet in a car can make you sick

Sick of self-driving cars? One company has the answer

Steve Rogerson looks at how one company is trying to solve motion sickness in autonomous vehicles

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Ansible Motion, autonomous vehicles

Do we really want this company connecting our cars?

Why Vodafone should steer clear of connected cars

Blog post by Vehicle Electronics editor Steve Rogerson.


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Vodafone, connected cars

TomTom spoils our fun

Satnav company TomTom is trying to spoil our fun by adding a feature that diverts large lorries and vans away from unsuitable roads. The idea is to end the once popular scene, much loved by journalists, of lorries being stuck down country roads.

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Tomtom, satnav

How safe should we make the cars?

Should we stop trying to make motor racing safer?

Steve Rogerson asks if making Formula One safer could end up destroying the sport


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Formula One, grand prix, safety

Technology works better than education

Some say that mobile technology and cars do not mix, as can be seen from this photo. Even though this is a posed picture, what she is doing is not uncommon. In fact, according to a survey by Ford, one in three young drivers in Britain have taken a selfie while at the wheel.

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Ford, selfie

Part of the Autotronics exhibition

Moving forwards

That Taiwan is in a quandary could not have been better demonstrated last week than by the student protests in the streets against closer economic ties with China and the Autotronics exhibition in the east of Taipei where the desire was for closer trade links not just with China but with any coun

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Autotronics, Taipei Ampa, Taiwan


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