101 Tower in Taipei

Heading for Autotronics

Though while editor of Automotive Electronics I travelled to Taiwan many a time, one of my regrets was I never got chance to go to Autotronics, Taipei’s annual automotive electronics show.

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Autotronics, Taipei, Taipei Ampa, Taitra

You'll believe a dog can drive

Making a fool

Today’s the day that all journalists have to be careful as crafty companies and mischievous PR firms issue almost believable press releases hoping to get at least one or two into print, leaving the poor editor with a very red face. I’m playing safe and not publishing anything vaguely dodgy.

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April Fool, Volkswagen, Skoda

Embedded World in Nuremberg

Ready for Nuremberg

I, along with a large chunk of the electronics industry, will be heading next week for Nuremberg and the Embedded World exhibition, Europe’s largest annual electronics show.

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Nuremberg, Embedded World

Traffic in Phuket

When faster is safer, for the drivers at least

What is the point of speed cameras? Well, most would say to encourage drivers to slow down, and capture evidence to punish those that don’t.

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phuket, thailand, speed cameras

Honda Mean Mower

Ever been burned off by a lawn mower?

This has to be the most souped-up lawn mower ever. On show at the recent Sema press show in Las Vegas, the Mean Mower  can accelerate from 0 to 96km/hr in four seconds and can reach a top speed of 210km/hr.

Based on HF2620 Lawn Tractor, it was created by Honda UK and Team Dynamic.

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Honda, lawn mower


Down on the farm

There is a Robert Rankin novel that describes a planet on which cathode ray tubes grow wild.

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Hyundai, fuel cells

Steve Rogerson

Welcome to Vehicle Electronics

The journey that led to here started in the summer when I received the sad news that MT Publications was ceasing trading, which meant the two magazines that I edited – Automotive Electronics and Micro Technology Europe – had ceased publication.

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