Allegro mosfet driver complies with Asil B

Allegro Microsystems AMT49105 ISO 26262 compliant n-channel power mosfet driver

Allegro Microsystems has announced an ISO 26262 compliant n-channel power mosfet driver.

The AMT49105 is said to simplify motor systems designs and provide footprint reduction by integrating power analogue requirements.

Thanks to a robust output gate drive, this device can be used in a wide range of applications, including power applications above 1kW. Additionally, it provides the Lin transceiver, regulated microprocessor supply, phase monitors for sensorless BLDC control and other features that reduce overall power consumption. 

Toshiba analogue output photocoupler targets EVs

Toshiba TLX9309 analogue output IC photocoupler

An analogue output IC photocoupler from Toshiba Electronics enables high-speed communications in automotive applications, especially electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

The TLX9309 consists of a high-output GaAlAs LED that is optically coupled to a high-speed detector. The detector consists of a photodiode and a transistor integrated on one chip. A Faraday shield has been integrated onto the photodetector chip to provide enhanced levels of common-mode transient immunity, typically up to 15kV/μs, an important parameter in electrically noisy automotive environments.

Vishay thyristors and diodes meet AEC-Q101

Vishay thyristors and diodes meet AEC-Q101

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced 37 high-voltage thyristors and diodes for automotive applications. Qualified to AEC-Q101, the devices have repetitive voltages from 600 to 1600V and wide current ranges in three package options.

The devices are available in surface-mount DPak (TO-252AA) and D²Pak (TO-263AB) packages and in the through-hole TO-247AD.

The nine thyristors deliver continuous RMS on-state current from 12 to 79A, while the 28 standard and fast recovery diodes have forward current from 8 to 65A. All devices provide up to 1000V/µs immunity.

Vishay battery shunt resistor uses two pins for PCB mounting

Vishay Dale WSBS8518.20 shunt resistor

Vishay Intertechnology has announced a power metal strip battery shunt resistor with two sense pins and that provides a 36W power capacity in the 8518 case size.

With resistance values down to 50µΩ, the Vishay Dale WSBS8518.20 is said to increase accuracy and lower costs compared with Hall Effect current sensing, while its sense pins assist in PCB mounting and provide consistent contact point location.

Toshiba n-channel mosfets manage power in automotive applications

Toshiba n-channel mosfets for load switching

Toshiba Electronics has announced two compact, n-channel mosfets for load switching in automotive applications.

The 60V SSM3K341R and the 100V SSM3K361R deliver low on-resistance and are qualified to AEC-Q101. As a result, they are suitable for power management, including DC-DC converter or load switch applications, which are of increasing importance for electronic systems in vehicles.

Toshiba expands automotive mosfet range

Toshiba TK1R4S04PB mosfet

Toshiba Electronics has expanded its family of UMos 9 mosfets with a 40V n-channel device housed in a DPak+ package. The TK1R4S04PB has achieved AEC-Q101 qualification and is for automotive motor control applications such as water pumps, fuel pumps, oil pumps, fans, EPS and DC-DC converters.

Mosfets from ST Microelectronics help produce greener power supplies

High-voltage n-channel power mosfets from ST Microelectronics

A family of high-voltage n-channel power mosfets can enable smaller, greener power supplies in automotive applications, claims ST Microelectronics. These AEC-Q101-qualified devices are built using the company’s MDmesh DM2 super-junction technology with fast-recovery diode.

The devices have a breakdown voltage in the 400 to 650V range and are housed in D2Pak, TO-220 and TO-247 packages.

Maxim ships one billionth automotive IC

Maxim devices are used in many areas of a vehicle

Congratulations to Maxim Integrated for shipping its one billionth automotive IC.

Today’s vehicles are increasingly energy efficient. However, they also have more complex electronic demands placed on them as customers seek increased efficiency, safety and convenience. With expertise in integration benefiting customers and drivers alike, Maxim has shipped its one billionth integrated circuit to the automotive market, including ICs in infotainment, safety, keyless access and powertrain applications.

TVS array protects automotive data lines

Semtech RClamp 0524PQ transient voltage suppression array

Semtech has introduced the RClamp 0524PQ, a four-line integrated transient voltage suppression (TVS) array for protecting automotive data lines against electrical transient threats.

Today's cars come equipped with a variety of infotainment, navigation and camera assist systems that require high-speed interfaces to transport data. Inadequate ESD protection for these interfaces can lead to replacement or repair costs.

Mosfet from Diodes protects vehicle ECUs

DMP4015SPSQ mosfet from Diodes

A 40V p-channel mosfet from Diodes is designed to protect automotive electronic control units (ECUs) against the risk of reverse-battery connection. ECUs are used in a growing number of automotive control applications and, with some vehicles deploying up to 80 ECUs, the need to protect each one demands a simple and cost-effective product, which this mosfet is said to provide.

The DMP4015SPSQ mosfet acts as a diode, allowing current to flow when the battery is correctly connected and blocking the current when the battery is accidentally connected in the reverse direction.


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