Vishay thyristors and diodes meet AEC-Q101

Vishay thyristors and diodes meet AEC-Q101

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced 37 high-voltage thyristors and diodes for automotive applications. Qualified to AEC-Q101, the devices have repetitive voltages from 600 to 1600V and wide current ranges in three package options.

The devices are available in surface-mount DPak (TO-252AA) and D²Pak (TO-263AB) packages and in the through-hole TO-247AD.

The nine thyristors deliver continuous RMS on-state current from 12 to 79A, while the 28 standard and fast recovery diodes have forward current from 8 to 65A. All devices provide up to 1000V/µs immunity.

Nexperia ups spec on in-vehicle network diodes

Nexperia in-vehicle network protection diodes

Nexperia, the former standard products division of NXP, has announced in-vehicle network protection diodes that offer a higher surge current, better ESD robustness and an improvement in ESD clamping performance.

The AEC-Q101 qualified PESDxIVN series of surface mount devices is optimised for the latest generation of Can, Lin and Flexray transceivers.

The parts are drop-in replacement for legacy devices, available in SOT23, SOD323 and SOT323 packages. However, they deliver higher performance.

Mosfet from Diodes protects vehicle ECUs

DMP4015SPSQ mosfet from Diodes

A 40V p-channel mosfet from Diodes is designed to protect automotive electronic control units (ECUs) against the risk of reverse-battery connection. ECUs are used in a growing number of automotive control applications and, with some vehicles deploying up to 80 ECUs, the need to protect each one demands a simple and cost-effective product, which this mosfet is said to provide.

The DMP4015SPSQ mosfet acts as a diode, allowing current to flow when the battery is correctly connected and blocking the current when the battery is accidentally connected in the reverse direction.

ESD diodes meet AEC-Q101

Protek Devices’ electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection diode

Three of Protek Devices’ electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection diodes have achieved AEC-Q101 qualification, making them suitable for circuit protection in automotive environments.

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