Power technologies

Infotainment: Right track

Start-stop application schematic operating at 2.1MHz

Bruce Haug, product marketing engineer for Analog Devices, explains how to power infotainment devices in automotive start-stop systems

Power Technologies: Balancing facts

High efficiency, bidirectional, multi-cell active balancer

Tony Armstrong, marketing director of power products at Analog Devices, and Sam Nork, director of the company’s Boston design centre, explain how to increase the run time in automotive battery stacks even as cells age

Power Technologies: Emergency power

Lithium iron phosphate charging profile

Theju Bernard, principal applications engineer for Renesas Electronics, explains how to improve automobile battery life with the right chemistry

Power Technologies: Two directions

Bidirectional schematic 12V output from a 26 to 58V input delivering 30A of current

Dual 48 and 12V battery automotive systems require bi-directional DC-DC controllers for optimum performance, says Bruce Haug, senior product marketing engineer at Analog Devices

Power technologies: Lab work

The test benches use the latest technologies

Steve Rogerson visits Rohm Semiconductor’s recently opened European Power Lab

Power Technologies: Emergency power

4.5V backup supply with a 4.22V PFI threshold

Tony Armstrong from Analog Devices looks at how to maintain power to emergency applications such as ecall

Vehicle Tracking: Anytime, anywhere, anyhow

Cold-crank ride-through circuit

Steve Knoth, senior product marketing engineer at Power by Linear Products, part of Analog Devices, discusses the power requirements for vehicle tracking systems

Power Technologies: Power through the ages

Circuit breaker with power and energy telemetry and eeprom

Pinkesh Sachdev, product marketing engineer for mixed signal products at Linear Technology, now part of Analog Devices, discusses monitoring and switching of power in automobiles

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