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STM low-dropout linear regulator suits always-on automotive modules

LDO40L 400mA low-dropout linear regulator from ST Microelectronics

The LDO40L 400mA low-dropout linear regulator from ST Microelectronics delivers quiet and efficient power for always-on automotive modules and noise-sensitive loads.

With 45µA quiescent current, the AEC-Q100 qualified part reduces the demand on vehicle batteries to run loads such as body and interior functions that are active when the ignition is off. In addition, the device can be disabled to achieve a shutdown current of 1µA.

Infotainment: Power on

Linear regulator with p-channel mos

Marco Gaeta and Carlo Protti from ST Microelectronics explain how an integrated power management IC can benefit automotive infotainment application

ST Microelectronics Power Architecture MCUs made on 40nm flash

SPC58 MCU from ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics has launched a family of automotive microcontrollers that it hopes will herald the advent of more secure and connected cars.

This Power Architecture-based devices are manufactured in 40nm flash technology dedicated to car body and security applications. There are three product lines – SPC58 B, C and G lines – with from 512kbyte to 6Mbyte of embedded flash memory.

Mosfets from ST Microelectronics help produce greener power supplies

High-voltage n-channel power mosfets from ST Microelectronics

A family of high-voltage n-channel power mosfets can enable smaller, greener power supplies in automotive applications, claims ST Microelectronics. These AEC-Q101-qualified devices are built using the company’s MDmesh DM2 super-junction technology with fast-recovery diode.

The devices have a breakdown voltage in the 400 to 650V range and are housed in D2Pak, TO-220 and TO-247 packages.

Silicon-controlled rectifiers target motorcycle market

Silicon-controlled rectifiers from ST Microelectronics

High-temperature SCRs (silicon-controlled rectifiers) from ST Microelectronics allow manufacturers of voltage regulators, inrush current limiters for switch-mode power supplies, motor-control circuits, and industrial solid-state relays to improve the reliability of their applications or reduce costs by using smaller heatsinks.

Addressing industrial and two- and three-wheel vehicle applications, the SCRs are particularly suited to motorcycle voltage regulators in markets where low cost and high reliability are key requirements.

Can protection combined with interface compliance


ST Microelectronics has introduced two devices that combine protection of Can bus lines against electrostatic discharges and other transients and compliance with key automotive interfaces.

Body Electronics: Body language

Typical connections diagram for lighting systems using relays

Stello Matteo Billé, Doriana Montella and Romeo Letor from ST Microelectronics discuss the main trends and innovation drivers in automotive body electronics



Hardware and software integration speeds audio development

Accordo 2 family from ST Microelectronics

Processors for car-radio and display-audio applications aim to build on the success of ST Microelectronics’ STA1052 audio system-on-chip. The Accordo 2 family (STA1095 and variations) provides hardware and software integration to speed time to market.

Industry rushes to support Arm Cortex M7

Segger was one of the first to support the Arm Cortex M7

Companies have been lining up to announce support for Arm’s 32bit Cortex M7 processor, which is targeted at applications such as next generation vehicles, connected devices, and smart homes and factories. Early licensees include Atmel, Freescale and ST Microelectronics.

Three added to power mosfet range

Stripfet F7 power mosfets from ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics has extended its Stripfet F7 series of low-voltage power mosfets with three 100V automotive-grade devices.


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