Trials have begun on roads in Coventry, UK

Connected car tests prepare UK roads for autonomous vehicles

A project to create an advanced environment for connected and autonomous driving has entered its second phase of testing, with connected cars going on trial on public roads to prepare the UK’s road networks for self-driving cars.

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Brian Krzanich

Saving lives was drive behind Mobileye purchase, says Intel chief

It was all about saving lives, according to Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich, explaining why he led the $15.3bn takeover of Mobileye. He said that a year ago he recognised that Intel's end-to-end platform for autonomous driving wasn't complete.

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Visic evaluation board for GaN transistors

Visic raises $10m for GaN development

Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor firm Visic Technologies has closed $10m in a series D round of financing lead by a private investor. Its technology is primarily used in electric vehicles.

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Cameras recognise a specific splash and spray pattern of the tyres that can be aquaplaning in its early phase

Continental uses cameras and sensors to warn of aquaplaning

Continental is developing ways to warn drivers about an imminent risk of aquaplaning. The aquaplaning assistance concepts use surround view camera images and signals from tyre-mounted sensors.

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InnovizPro stand-alone, solid-state, mems-based scanning lidar

Innoviz announces mems-based scanning lidar at CES

Innoviz Technologies announced at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the commercial launch of InnovizPro, a stand-alone, solid-state, mems-based scanning lidar.

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Mobileye and Spain's DGT will promote the benefits of adas for municipal and private fleets

Intel and Mobileye help Spain prepare for autonomous driving

Intel subsidiary Mobileye and Spain's Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) have agreed to collaborate to reduce road accidents and prepare Spain's infrastructure ecosystem and regulatory policy for the driving of autonomous vehicles.

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Hyundai will unveil a voice-enabled intelligent personal agent at CES

Hyundai to unveil voice-enabled in-vehicle assistant at CES

Hyundai Motor is to unveil a voice-enabled intelligent personal agent for vehicles during January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The voice-enabled virtual assistant system will be deployed in new models set to roll out as early as 2019.

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The IDDC from ZF is suitable for vehicle concepts such as the Rinspeed Snap

ZF dynamic chassis provides platform for autonomous driving

ZF has developed the IDDC intelligent dynamic driving chassis, an autonomous driving platform that it hopes will enable automated and emission-free mobility in the future.

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ZF, NVidia, autonomous driving, Rinspeed

ISO 26262 adds to Lattice’s IEC 61508 certification

Lattice software receives ISO 26262 certification

Lattice Semiconductor has announced ISO 26262 qualification of its Diamond 2.1 software for road vehicle functional safety. The certification defines a safety compliant methodology for automotive applications throughout the lifecycle of automotive electronics and integrated safety systems.

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Lattice Semiconductor, ISO 26262, FPGA, functional safety

Autonomous vehicle trial in Coventry

Coventry moves autonomous vehicle trials to public roads

The UK’s largest trial of connected and autonomous vehicle technology has moved onto public roads, with the Autodrive project starting in-city trials on the streets of central Coventry.

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