Melexis IC cuts TPMS size and reduces power consumption

Melexis MLX91804 tyre pressure monitoring IC

Melexis has introduced its third generation IC for tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). The MLX91804 comes in a 14-pin DFN type lead-less package and is claimed to have a 60 per cent smaller footprint and draw three times lower sleep mode current than other TPMS ICs.

It incorporates a microcontroller and mems-based pressure sensing element, as well as a 315 and 433MHz wireless transmitter supporting data rates up to 150kbit/s and 125kHz receiver for communications with the vehicle’s ECU.

Blackbird image sensor flies into Melexis range

MLX75421 Blackbird image sensors from Melexis

Melexis has introduced the third generation of its automotive image sensors – the MLX75421 Blackbird. This high dynamic range (HDR) sensor has a set of on-chip functional Asil safety support functions.

Hall sensor integrates capacitor to save space

MLX92242 Hall effect switch-latch IC from Melexis

An integrated end-of-line (EoL) programmable Hall sensor from Melexis Technologies supports direct connection into automotive and industrial designs without the need for PCB or discrete components 

Freescale and Melexis produce reference design for wireless charging

Melexis MLX90132 NFC transceiver IC

Combining the automotive grade NFC (near field communications) transceiver of Melexis with Freescale Semiconductor’s wireless charging technology has produced a reference design for wireless charging of portable devices in vehicles.

Keeping cool

FIR array provides a thermal profile of the vehicle cabin

Peter Riendeau explores the implementation of infra-red sensing technology in advanced automotive air conditioning systems

Current sensor aids electric vehicles

A linear Hall-Effect IC, which features a programmable sensitivity range from 5 to 150mV/mT and is suitable for measuring DC and AC currents up to 200kHz, has been introduced by Melexis.

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