Superimposing least privileged VMs to handle data storage and networking functionality on the separation kernel

Vehicle Networks: Privileged position

Lee Cresswell from Lynx Software Technologies discusses separation, security and the connected car

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Lynx Software Technolgies, security, separation kernel, virtual machines

Autonomous tractor developed by Harper Adams University

Autonomous Vehicles: Pastures new

William Barne from Lycetts looks at how drones and autonomous vehicles are changing the world of farming

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Lycetts, farming, autonomous vehicles, Harper Adams University

Dubai Metro: The city is willing to innovate

Middle East: Shaping the strategies

Ralf Baron, Thomas Kuruvilla, Morsi Berguiga, Michael Zintel, Joseph Salem and Mario Kerbage from Arthur D Little discuss the Middle East and urban mobility

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Arthur D Little, Middle East, Dubai, mobility

Software is supporting supply chain operations

Digitisation: Taking a chance

Automotive suppliers can step up with their OEMs and reinvent themselves, says Achim Terlinden from Unisys

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Unisys, digitisation, supply chain

Decentralised systems must evolve to enable functionality such as self-parking

Software: New age

Marques McCammon from Intel subsidiary Wind River discusses how software and the autonomous car are altering the automotive industry and life as we know it

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Wind River, Intel, software, autonomous driving

IC schematic for driving a series string of LEDs

Lighting: Light driving

Tony Armstrong from Linear Technology, now part of Analog Devices, looks at the continuing evolution of LED headlamps

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Linear Technology, Analog Devices, LEDs, lighting

Hardware virtualisation at the system level can isolate applications in separate and secure environments

Microcontrollers: Staying secure

For automotive security, says Bryce Johnstone of Imagination Technologies, begin at the microcontroller level

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Imagination Technologies, microcontrollers, security

Frankfurt Motor Show

Autonomous trends at Frankfurt Motor Show

Ian Fletcher, principal analyst at IHS Markit, looks at the trends in electrification and autonomy technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which starts this week

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Frankfurt Motor Show, IHS Markit

A gigabit Ethernet POF transceiver meets the requirements of car makers by providing high connectivity with flexible digital host interface, low latency, low jitter and low linking time

Vehicle Networks: Optical versus copper

Carlos Pardo from KDPOF puts forward the benefits of plastic optical fibre over copper

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KDPOF, plastic optical fibre, copper, vehicle networks

Man-in-the-middle attack using network simulator

Safety & Security: Closing the door

Francois Ortolan from Anritsu explores automotive cyber security threats

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Anritsu, safety, security


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