Bosch is creating connectivity that allow riders to communicate with vehicles

Motorcycles: Two wheels good

A look at how the advances in vehicle technology are affecting the two-wheel market

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Bosch, motorcycles, connectivity

 Inverter evaluation using the scope-corder to monitor signals via the Can bus

Test & Measurement: On the move

Clive Davis, European marketing manager for Yokogawa Test & Measurement, shows how portable instruments can bring versatility to automotive testing

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Yokogawa, test and measurement, scope-corder

Audi already has the A8, the first level three car

Autonomous Vehicles: Hop to it

Max Odendahl, CEO and co-founder of Silexica, discusses key multicore and technology challenges faced with autonomous vehicles and talks about how the industry can catch-up with the media hype through automation

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Silexica, autonomous vehicles, multicore, Audi

Metrocab in London

Connected cars: Bridge to the future

Tom Blackie, head of automotive at Real VNC, discusses how technology will influence the future vehicle, its role and its management

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Real VNC, connected cars, Metrocab, Bristol Bullet

Circuit breaker with power and energy telemetry and eeprom

Power Technologies: Power through the ages

Pinkesh Sachdev, product marketing engineer for mixed signal products at Linear Technology, now part of Analog Devices, discusses monitoring and switching of power in automobiles

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Linear Technology, Analog Devices, Power technologies

Results of tracing an example application: Orange = software, Green = accelerated function and Blue = transfer

Software Tools: Design acceleration

Giles Peckham, regional marketing director at Xilinx, and embedded systems consultant Adam Taylor show how to speed up design in vehicle electronics using a system optimising compiler

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Xilinx, software tools, Compiler

Autonomous tractor concept from Case IH

Autonomous Vehicles: Field work

Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, research director for IDTechEx, considers the evolution and the long-term impact of autonomous mobility in farm vehicles

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IDTechEx, autonomous vehicles, farm vehicles

Matrix changing in a car park

Could matrix charging be way forward for electric vehicles?

Austrian start-up Easelink has developed a technology with which electric vehicles can be automatically charged via pads fastened to the ground, anywhere from underground garages to drive-ins.

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Easelink, electric vehicles, matrix changing

Boost LED system

Lighting: In control

Nazzareno (Reno) Rossetti and Yin Wu from Maxim Integrated explain how a flexible LED controller can simplify automotive exterior lighting design

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Maxim Integrated, lighting, LEDs

The demand for connected and autonomous cars is causing changes in the electromagnetic environment in which vehicle control systems must operate

EMC: Making an impact

Anthony Martin and Alastair Ruddle from Horiba Mira consider how to ensure resilience among increasingly complex vehicle systems within their intended electromagnetic environment.

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Horiba Mira, EMC


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