Example of how an existing infotainment system based on a coaxial physical layer ring can be expanded with the addition of a daisy chain

Infotainment: Fast track

Carmelo De Mola from Microchip Technology presents a cost efficient, robust and scalable physical layer for high-speed networked infotainment systems supporting different network topologies

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Microchip Technology, infotainment, networks

Levels of driving automation and resultant increases in complexity

Functional Safety: No hiding place

Kerry Johnson and Chris Hobbs from Blackberry QNX discuss replication techniques for finding errors in safety-critical automotive systems

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Blackberry QNX, functional safety

Control screen in the cab of the tractor

Vision Guidance: Crop circuits

How modern vehicle electronics are improving agricultural production methods

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Tillett & Hague, Newbury Electronics, vision systems, agriculture

Automated optical inspection post rework can help assure the correct device was replaced

Circuit Boards: Hard work

Bob Wettermann from Best explains the importance of PCB rework for the automotive market

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Best, printed circuit boards

Architectural blocks for multiple camera system

Driver Assistance: Put a SoC in it

Aaron Behman from Xilinx and consultant Adam Taylor discuss considerations for adas and the advantages of programmable SoCs

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Xilinx, driver assistance, SoCs

Simplified TFT-LCD panel

Displays: Colour guide

Theju Bernard from Intersil discusses colour brightness matching in automobile LCD panels

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Intersil, LCD panels, dispalys

Algorithm development accelerates design-in and validation time

Motor Control: Emission possible

Rick Fennelly from Allegro Microsystems discusses the growth of electrical motor systems and the challenges for system developers

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Allegro Microsystems, electric motors

RFPro software powering the world’s first vehicle dynamics grade DIL simulator for a motorcycle application

Simulation & Modelling: Two wheels harder

Difficulties is providing driver-in-the-loop simulation for motorcycles

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RFPro, Ansible Motion, simulation

Transient response for a 2A step-load for a 12V output

Power Technologies: Heavy going

Bruce Haug from Linear Technology looks at an alternative to anti-surge devices in lorries and heavy-equipment environments

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Linear Technology, Analog Devices, anti-surge devices

General diagram of ACF bonding principle

Connectivity: The game is bond

Jan-Bart Picavet from Amada Miyachi Europe discusses why using anisotropic conductive film bonding for automotive applications suits advanced safety and driver assistance systems

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Amada Miyachi, bonding, printed circuit boards


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