Schematic delivering 5, 3.3, 1.8 and 1.2V outputs

Power Technologies: Four better than one

Multi-rail DC-DC converters are essential for adas, believes Tony Armstrong from Linear Technology

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Linear Technology, Analog Devices, DC-DC converters, adas

SAE J3016 levels

Safety & Security: Road to better code

Frank van den Beuken from PRQA looks at the role of safety and security in the future for assisted and autonomous driving

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PRQA, safety, security, autonomous vehicles, software


Autonomous Vehicle: Humans versus computers

Davide Santo from NXP traces the road towards autonomous vehicles

With OEMs and governments throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into the development of autonomous technology, driverless vehicles are on the way to becoming a reality, and will be arriving soon.

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NXP, autonomous vehicles

Automotive infotainment systems not only entertain, they also inform

Infotainment: We are not alone

Jatinder Singh from Lattice Semiconductor looks at how FPGAs can enable mobile interface bridging in adas and infotainment applications

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Lattice Semiconductor, infotainment, FPGAs

Battery monitoring interconnections with wireless mesh network

Vehicle Networks: Making a mesh

Greg Zimmer from Linear Technology discusses how a wireless mesh network can improve reliability in battery management systems

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Linear Technology, Analog Devices, battery management system, wireless

Visual representations of various design data can help engineers quickly see the impact of changes they are making

Design Tools: Competitive advantage

Glenn Reynholds from Mentor Graphics looks at ways to support innovation for electrical system design and harness manufactures

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Mentor Graphics, Siemens, design tools, wire harness

Spectrogram display providing a deeper analysis of a TPMS signal

Test & Measurement: Deep inside the pulse

Cyril Noger from Anritsu explains how a vector signal analyser helps optimise the performance of low-cost radio modules in tyre pressure monitoring systems

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Anritsu, signal analyser, TPMS

Outline of the MCU with proposed circuit

ISSCC: Renesas circuit to reduce CO2 emissions

At this week’s International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, Renesas Electronics presented a paper describing the development of a circuit technology dedicated for motor control that could satisfy stricter automotive CO2 emissions requirements.

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ISSCC, Renesas

Signal generator showing a fading profile for V2X at 5.9GHz

Test & Measurement: Spotlight on safety

Thomas Brüggen from Rohde & Schwarz shows why RF tests are the basis for V2X

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Rohde & Schwarz, test and measurement, RF test

Standards for functional safety of silicon IP

Functional safety 101

Andrew Hopkins from Arm provides an overview of functional safety and its growing importance in the design of automotive electronics

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Arm, functional safety, ISO26262


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