Intersil’s TW9992 video decoder

Intersil video decoder takes inputs from backup safety cameras

An analogue video decoder with an integrated Mipi-CSI2 output interface provides compatibility with the latest SoC processors. Intersil’s TW9992 decoder takes single-ended and differential composite video inputs from a vehicle’s backup safety camera.

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Intersil, video decoder

TDK’s CGA series of MLCCs

MLCCs with X8R thermal characteristics for automotive applications

High temperature resistant MLCCs with soft terminations expand TDK’s CGA series of MLCCs for automotive applications.

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TDK, MLCC, capacitors

HCC Embedded extends Misra-compliant TCP/IP stack

Misra-compliant TCP/IP stack makes Embedded World debut

At Embedded World in Nuremberg today, HCC Embedded is showing its extended Misra-compliant TCP/IP stack to include HTTP, SMTP, SNTP/NTP and SNMP protocols. All come with security options enabling them to be used with the company’s verifiable TLS and Encryption Manager.

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Embedded World, HCC Embedded, Misra.

The components in a vehicle that can be updated in one campaign using Redbend 10

Over-the-air software management for automotive

A software management platform that leverages Redbend’s core smart delta and virtualisation technologies is said to meet the growing needs of automotive OEMs and tier-ones as well as device manufacturers and device enhancers in the IoT and mobile markets.

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Redbend, Mobile World Congress

Murata XRCGB-F-A crystal units

Crystal units use proprietary packaging

Murata has launched the XRCGB-F-A series of crystal units for automotive applications. The crystals are the first in the world to use a proprietary package technology that is said to deliver consistent superior quality, mass production capabilities and cost-effectiveness.

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Murata, crystals

Arm Cortex-R5 safety package

Arm provides safety support to open automotive markets for Cortex-R5

Arm has delivered a safety document set for its Cortex-R5 processor to drive its adoption in safety-critical applications, including in automotive, health and industrial. This is a step toward the cost-effective deployment of more technically advanced systems across these multiple sectors.

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Arm, Spansion, Texas Instruments

Green Hills Software logo

Green Hills adds Integrity support for Intel Atom E3800

Support for the Intel Atom E3800 processor family has been added to Green Hills Software’s Integrity real-time operating system and Multivisor virtualisation software.

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Green Hills Software, Intel, Atom, rtos

WSHM2818 surface-mount power metal strip resistor from Vishay

Resistor saves space in automotive electronics controls

A surface-mount power metal strip resistor from Vishay Intertechnology is designed to save space in automotive, industrial, computer and consumer applications. The Dale WSHM2818 combines a 7W power rating with resistance values down to 1mΩ in the 2818 case size. 

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Vishay, resistor, components

Automotive-qualified 600V IGBTs from International Rectifier

IGBTs optimised for small auxiliary motor drives

Automotive-qualified 600V IGBTs have been optimised for small auxiliary motor drive applications including air conditioning compressors for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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International Rectifier, IGBTs

Semtech's RClamp 0531TQ TVS device

TVS device protects sensitive infotainment and telematics components

A low capacitance transient voltage suppression (TVS) device has been introduced by Semtech for safeguarding the sensitive electronics common in today’s automotive infotainment and telematics systems.

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Semtech, TVS, components


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